Tecnomovint, sensitive to the prevention of accidents in the workplace, people and property damages, has decided to focus on these advanced techniques recognized by the regulations

UNI ISO 4309:2011 e UNI EN 12927-8:2005


Non-destructive tests are exames, controls and reliefs performed using methods that don’t alter the material and that don’t require the destruction or the removal of samples from the structure under examination. The purpose is to check the material integrity without altering its structure and promptly to provide the parts to be replacedbefore that the same produces irreparable damage to the whole. Non-desctructivetestings are available in the following methods:
• Visual inspection, performed after a first step of products cleaning.
• Dye penetrant inspection for special equipments under construction (eg. customized beams, “C” hooks and special devices).
• control through magnetic induction for the objective check up of wire ropes (eg. Wire ropes for overhead cranes).
• Control through magnaflux for equipments.
• Control through gaussmeter for magnetic devices (eg. Magnetic lifters).

At the end of each control will be provided a written report which certified the material features at the moment of the control, the examination conducted and any damage found.