Quality certifications

Certification is one of the tools that contributes the most to make companies competitive in the market.

Issued by a third and impartial certification body, it certifies the conformity of a product, service or system with the current legislation and makes it evident thanks to the exposure of a quality label.

Tecnomovint defines its mission through measurable policies, strategies, resources, processes and objectives in terms of quality and quantity, with a view to continuous improvement.

Tecnomovint has chosen to certify its company, to put the customer at the center of its interests and to always be looking for quality and safety, in compliance with current regulations.



In July 2012, the Quality Management System implemented by Tecnomovint was certified and declared compliant with the ISO 9001 standard in the fields of marketing and maintenance of lifting accessories and equipments and in the manufacture and assistance of lifting systems.

In July 2018 the certification was updated to the 2015 edition of the ISO 9001 standard, with the object of certification the design, construction and assistance of lifting systems and equipments and the maintenance and marketing of lifting equipments and accessories.


In April 2017, Tecnomovint completed the certification process of its Factory Production Control System, in accordance with the EN 1090 Standard and qualified its own Welding Process, according to ISO 3834.

The European standard EN 1090 specifies the requirements for the execution of steel structures, in order to ensure an adequate level of mechanical strength and stability, capacity for use and durability.


The European standard EN 1090 assumes that the work is carried out with the necessary professional qualification, with appropriate equipment and resources, in order to carry out a work in compliance with the execution specifications and the requirements of the Standard.

The ISO 3834 standard defines the quality requirements for melting welding of metallic materials, both in the workshop and in the construction site.

Processes such as fusion welding are widely used to manufacture many products. In some companies they are the main feature of production.

These processes have a major influence on manufacturing costs and product quality. It is therefore important to ensure that these procedures are carried out in the most efficient manner and that appropriate controls are carried out on all aspects of the operation.